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9 february
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International exhibition "Inter Agro 2009"
2 february
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International exhebition "Agro + Mashexpo 2009" Budapest,(Hungary)
24 may
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Хочеш мати урожай —
Ти в контору завітай!
Зробим туки під заказ,
З амофосом — теж гаразд!
Калій треба? — не питання!
Тільки б у вас було бажання!
Ще й селітру навесні,
Щоб врожай весь аж ряснів!
Не забудьте карбаміду —
Це підживлення до літа!
Добрив маємо багато!
Зробим з Вами землі свято!
А вона, як добра мати,
Всіх нас буде годувати!
Site of it is a certificate-informative resource and business of favour does not give not what.

Chemical fertilizers can provide the best effect in a very short time. We can say that this is sort of a dope, stimulating plant growth, fruiting and flowering. Mineral fertilizers are phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium. Provide the basic needs of plants in the food macronutrients - phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. The same fertilizer can place a full set of macro or sochetatsya other essential trace elements (boron, molybdenum, manganese, copper and so dalie) These are called complex fertilizers, their composition often varies widely depending on the dominant element.

The use of fertilizers can have negative consequences. Very high doses - more than 4 kg per sq.m. - degrade the soil, namely, its structure and will probably lead to degradation. Just fertilizers can not be fully utilized by plants. The majority of them washed out of the soil.

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