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Herbicides are used to control the number of weeds or prevent their growth. Furthermore, the use of herbicides to reduce or eliminate the manual or mechanical handling, which in turn prevents soil erosion and reduces moisture loss.
Herbicides are divided into two categories - selective herbicides (selective) and herbicides continuous action (selective).

Herbicides continuous action

Herbicides continuous action (selective) affect all existing vegetation on the field, getting into the plant through the green leaf area. Therefore, they are used when the crop plants are absent from the field (after the harvest, before sprouting crops, fallows, etc.).

Selective herbicides

Selective herbicides (or selective) use on specific crops without damaging the culture itself, but only suppress the weeds that grow in the same field as the culture, competing with it for nutrients, light and moisture.
Selective herbicides are substances of different chemical classes with different mechanisms of action. In some instances, antidotes, which exclude herbicide phytotoxicity on culture.

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