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Mineral fertilizers — it which contain inorganic connections necessary for plants nourishing elements. Mineral fertilizers contain nutritives in the different types of mineral salts. From that, what nourishing elements are contained in them, fertilizers divide into complex and simple.

Simple fertilizers contain one any element of feed. The nitric behave to such fertilizers, phosphoric, potassium and microfertilizers.
Under complex fertilizers, containing imply simultaneously two and more basic nourishing elements.

In earth there are all necessary a plant nourishing elements almost always. But all the same sometimes separate elements is not enough for normal growth of plant. For example, on sand of plant often test the lack of magnesium, on peatbogs – molybdenum, and black earths – manganese et cetera. 

A basic reception of the high farming is application of mineral fertilizers. With their help sharply promote the harvest of any culture on the mastered areas without expenses on treatment of new earth.

Mineral fertilizers divide on  phosphoric, nitric, potassium, difficult and microfertilizers. Gets them as a result of chemical production, they contain in itself one or a few nutritives are in a high concentration.

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