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Complex mineral fertilizers

The major factor of crops productivity increase and its quality enhancement is considered to be mineral fertilizers. They play a decisive role in crops productivity increase. The important factor while using the fertilizers is complex method to decide the question concerning soil enrichment by nutritive matters. This is possible with the usage of complex mineral fertilizers (mixed fertilizers). Complex fertilizers are highly concentrated mineral fertilizers, which have good physical and chemical characteristics.

The production of mixed fertilizers comes due to the mechanical mixturing of simple and complicated mineral fertilizers with the help of modern technological equipment. Besides, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassic fertilizers are applied.

Mixed fertilizers are considered to be the modern approach to the system of plants nutrition. An advantage of the mixed mineral fertilizers is the possibility of products preparation with various ratio of NKP in accordance with peculiarities of agricultural plants and agrochemical soil analysis. Depending on mixed fertilizers determination, more than 70 formulas of NKP mixture, which are used for spring and autumn inputs, are prepared. The mixtures are being highly concentrated complex fertilizers, which contain elements of nutrition in an easily available mode, well dissolve in the soil and may be used on any stages of plants development. Due to the insertion of complex fertilizers in comparison with simple ones, the expenses on insertion decrease twice. It has to be marked also the decrease of harmful influence on atmosphere due to producing complex mineral fertilizers in comparison with producing of complicated fertilizers in a chemical way.

Depending on the size of clients orders and desires, the mixed fertilizers are packed in the 50 kg polypropylene bags and in soft specialized containers called big bags with the 500 kg mass and 1000 kg.

The mixed NKP fertilizers 16:16:16 are considered to be the complex mineral fertilizer, which contains all the major nutritive macro elements in equal quantities (N-16%, 205 -16%, 20 - 16%). These are one of the best kind of mineral fertilizers for insertion into the soil during sowing and planting of field agricultural plants, vegetables, flowers, berry, fruit and decorative trees on different types of soil.

The major insertion (during sowing, planting):
Wheat, barley, rye, rape 1-1.5 kg per one hundred square meters
Potato, sugar and feeding beet 1-2 kg per one hundred square meters
Carrot, onion, cabbage, tomato, pepper 10-20 g per one square meter
Fruit trees (cherry, apple, pear, sweet cherry trees) 150-250 g per 1 transplant
Currant, raspberry, rose 50-100 g per 1 bush
Feeding (one dose per one insertion):
Potato, sweet and feeding beet 1-2 kg per one hundred square meters
Strawberry, raspberry, roses, tomato, cabbage 8-10 g per one square meter

While inserting fertilizers on the sapless soil, the doses of insertion are increased by 50%.

While planting trees, bushes and outplanting of vegetables and flowers, the fertilizers are at first mixed with soil, put into a planting hole and isolated from roots with the level of pure soil not less than 5-8 cm.

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